British Colour Standard – Set of 6 Pompadour Dinner Candles


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Product Description

These stylish solid colour candles are from London based designers British Colour Standard. Perfect for special occasions and everyday suppers. Eco, Fair Trade and hand poured they make an ideal gift too.

Pack of 6, 24.5cm tall, non drip 8 hour burn time with a tall clean flame.

The design team at British Colour Standard share a love of colour & material exploration. Discovering an old colour dictionary in an Oxfam shop they began a journey to re-establish this long forgotten brand. A treasure trove of colour & rich history first established 1931. Out of use since the 1950’s, they acquired & accurately scanned original colour dictionaries. A digital colour reader established a profile for the many hundreds of colours created and logged in the 1930’s and these original colours & names are used in their current collections.

Candle care & Safety – Best when lit for 4 hours at at a time. Stop burning when 2cm of unmelted candle remains. Leave 10cm between candles when burning.